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Privacy Policy

We don't snoop you for data hoarding/mining. Whatever info you give us will never be sold or traded without your prior consent. If you give us your email address we will not spam you. We are here to provide a service that we ourselves use.. and we will do our best to not annoy you. Any info on your Facebook/Twitter/etc.. accounts will be held responsibly and not be abused. We love you long time.

Terms of Service (TOS)

The services on this website are provided free or charge to everyone and therefore we do not gaurantee service uptime. We are not an ecommerce store and therefore do not gaurantee any prices listed on this site. All content on this site is community/user generated unless otherwise marked. Builds are not gauranteed or validated for correctness and/or component compatiablity.
SlickBuilds cannot be held liable for any issues whatsoever associated with a computer built using our services.